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Logisticator offers a platform for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for individuals from the freight-forwarding sector for enlarging both their businesses and their effectiveness. 

Idea/ Benefit
The founder and Chairman of Logisticator, Bolko Kissling, has over 30 years of operative experience in the logistics and freight-forwarding business. During this time it eminently revealed that small and medium sized logistics and freight forwarding companies aren`t able to compete with the larger companies because of not having the same global network larger corporations do and secondly the large companies handle all their transactions inside their network with standardized tools. From this came the concept of using the Logisticator:  Logisticator bundles the power and potential of small and or medium sized logistics and freight forwarding companies: Logisticator enables companies and individuals to expand their business network and interact with Logisticator’s tools, which allows them to handle standardized quotation requests, transactions, tracking & tracing or sales leads inside their network. Through this, they are able to compete with the large companies. Additional value is provided by network features like Jobs, News, Events, Messaging and Chatting. Thus, the use of Logisticator promises to all small and medium sized logistics and freight forwarding companies as well as to individuals a plus in the company’s efficiency at a reduction of efforts, time and costs.

Benefits overview
* For Companies:
o Enlarge your business network by finding simply new business partners in Logisticator network, especially sending and receiving agents. Once you have joined Logisticator as member, you will have the following benefits:
o Tools to handle quotation requests standardized and within faster and clearer handling of quotation requests between all members of Logisticator
o Tools to handle transactions, tracking & tracing as well as efficient and transparent exchange of sales leads, quotations, delivery of documents to carriers and within faster and clearer handling of business between all members of Logisticator.
o Sales Leads: tools to handle an exchange sales leads including follow-up to pursuit sales leads
o Tracking and tracing: tools to pursuit status of delivery by air and sea fright with possibility to send individual statuses via email both to members as to their clients.
o Jobs: creation of job announcements, assorted by countries, cities and the different areas inside the logistics sector
o Events: announcement of private, semi-private and public events
o Advertisement: advertisements focused to your industry (on banners as well as on world map

* For individuals:
o Enlargement of your personal network in the logistics industry
o Exchange of experience via forum
o Information about news and events
o Search for jobs

As well all logistics and freight forwarding companies as individuals can become member of Logisticator.
The membership for companies (premium membership) offers to all employees of the company full access to all tools for quotation requests, transactions, sales leads and job posting. Beyond that, Logisticator enables you to network with companies and their members of your industry and with corresponding interests and to collaborate successfully. Individual members have two possibilities:
(1) If their company has a premium membership and they are member of their company`s network, they are able to benefit of all possibilities of Logisticator as well as to establish beneath the above mentioned tools a personal network inside the logistics industry. Further benefits are the exchange of experience between each “user” via forum, information about news and events as well as the possibilities to post job offers.
(2) If the company of an individual member hasn`t a company`s membership, there is the possibility for the individual to get a basic membership. Within this basic membership, the individual user has all possibilities of Logisticator except quotation and transaction tools, sales leads and job posting.

Members of a Company`s Network

Membership fees for Logisticator will not be charged during start phase, neither for companies nor for individuals. Medium-term, we have to charge a fee for the companies (Premium Membership), which will amount in the size of 50 EUR/ month. For individuals both as member of a company`s network or not, Logisticator will stay free of charge.

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